Great things happen, when pencil hits paper.

A Spaniard by birth, but a Chicagoan at heart. A student of the world constantly seeking out new skills and challenges, design isn’t just a job to me, but a way of life. 

Subscribing to the belief that if you’re going to do something for a living you should love it, my career started at an early age selling drawings to kids in class. Got hooked into the idea of advertising, illustration and design from early independent comics, skate ‘zines, skateboard graphics, grafitti and street art.

Advertising sometimes gets a bad rap, but i enjoy the challenge – and the reward – of changing human behavior. Doing so by having a steadfast conviction that people want to see and interact with smart, passionate, relevant and most importantly GREAT advertising.

All of this starts when you put pencil to paper. This is the space where ideas are born, mature and sometimes die. Where art directors and copy writers get the chance to speak directly with millions. That is why i do advertising.

I have a lot of pencils and  a lot of paper — you down?